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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about tube bending tools

Q: Do you supply rollers for 3-roll forming machines or bending dies and counter dies for mandreless bending machine or rolls and dies for manual tube bending machinery?
A: No, we work only with CNC tube bending automatic machines. The reason is that for standard tools for mandreless and manual machines usually all manufacturers have the way to manufacture in big quantities and to offer the best prices for their customers. This means that we do not see the reasons for the customers to look for alternative supplier because the manufacturer can offer better prices and conditions.

Q: There is no any price indicated at your website. How we can get your prices?
A: There are no any prices because all tube bending tools are special, projected and manufactured according to the customer request, his tube bending machine and connection requirements. Unfortunately for this reason we cannot show the general tooling set that could be suitable for any machine and connection.

Q: I have tube bender BEMA 90 5GDE, please send me the offer for tools Ø56 x 2, mild steel, Rm 140. Is this information enough for you to send me the prices?
A: We have to inform all our potential customers that in a lot of cases or for old machines we do not have the drawings for connection places. If customer has any drawing for any other tools for other diameters it is ok – we can develop new tools and drawings according to the same connection dimensions. Otherwise we have to receive connection places dimensions from the customer to provide our best offer and to manufacture the tube bending tools.

Q: I don’t have the drawings for my tools but I can send them to you to measure. Is it ok?
A: Yes, we are ready to measure small tube bending tools free of charge and return back to the customer his tools and new manufactured tools. Please beware – we will make the work free of charge but if the customer will not order the new tube bending tools we will charge the price for the work of measure.

Q: I need the assistance and service for tube bending. So your tube bending tools are not enough but I want the confirmation of bending with real part on my machine. Can you do it?
A: For additional price, for hard applications or tight radiuses we can discuss the additional way of cooperation such as installation of tube bending tools directly on your tube bending machine, performing of test bends, adjustment of tooling as well as specified trainings and seminars for tube bending process.

Q: I’m looking for constant supplier of tube bending tools for my workshop. How I can choose between you and other manufacturers?
A: We suppose that the best ways for the final customer to make the decision are prices, delivery conditions and quality of the tooling. We are trying to make our best with all the conditions and hope for the cooperation. Meanwhile for us is hard to prove the quality of our tube bending tools so we can recommend to the customer to make the order for small diameters (cheaper) and to try our tools after the delivery.

Q: Is it safe to use your tube bending tools if my tube bending machine is on guarantee conditions?
A: Well, we met a lot of cases on the market: some customers order tube bending tools before the tube bending machine and made the testing together at the premises of the machine manufacturer; some manufacturers are looking forward to sell only their tube bending tools and try to warn the potential customer if he will buy non original tooling. The answer is – if it is not written at guarantee conditions the customer is free to use any tube bending tools from any supplier and this can’t affect the guarantee obligations of the manufacturer.

Q: We checked your offers and we can inform you that your prices are too high for us.
A: That is the true that sometimes the new set of tube bending tools for old tube bending machine could cost more than the machine itself! And there is no solution if the customer looking forward for new tooling and it is impossible to find other supplier who will offer much better prices. The only way for such customer is to look for used tools on ebay or other professional sources, ask the manufacturer about used tools or to have the mechanical workshop to make everything himself. Unfortunately we have our prices and can’t reduce them, even for the case if the customer bought his machine at the auction for very cheap price. And in particular for the big sizes where the amount of material is big.

Q: Can you reduce your delivery time in the offer?
A: This depends of the situation in production, tooling configuration and other parameters. Together with the manufacture any project passed the stage to negotiate and confirm the drawings, coating and heat treatment, verifications etc. Every time we are trying to make our best and to follow the customer but usually we recommend to everybody to plan the production according the realistic delivery time of tools.

Q: Do you supply spare parts for tube bending machine?
A: No, of course not. For any parts we commend to contact directly with the manufacturer of your machine. In the same time if there is no dealer of the manufacturer presented in your country or you have troubles in communication, you can contact with us for assistance, specially for tube bending machines of Italian origin.

Q: Do your provide training service for tube bending machines?
A: Well, it is possible that we can give to your recommendations how to bend the specified part. Meanwhile if your request complete service of training for your operator or engineer you should contact with the manufacturer of your machine. Moreover, for all the purposes it is recommended to request the certified training to confirm the learning by the authorized company which will help you in future with all the questions of the machine use and possible guarantee conditions.

Q: Are you interested in purchase or resale of used tube bending machines?
A: Our company is not operated directly with used machinery and for sale we recommend the well-known International marketplaces for machinery tools such as, for example, Machineseeker.com.

Q: How to get the correct recommendations for bending tools to use?
A: In general everything depends of specification of tube, allowed bending quality, your tube bending machine type and possibilities, your experience in tube bending. Moreover experience and your knowledge is the most important one because usually the customer knows how he wants to bend the tube and the tooling he needs. We can offer our recommendations but we should note them as theoretical and sometimes it is even impossible to make any suggestions because the material of tube values a lot.