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Legal notes

Published/modified 18.04.2022

Website and information

By accessing the website with the URL which is belong to PRECITOOLS SRLS (hereinafter - the Company) website and should be identified with the ownership of PRECITOOLS SRLS (according to the contact data or footers and the bottom of page) and all it's structure, you accept this legal notice and these terms and conditions of use. These legal notes are also valid for all the mirrors, translated websites, domain spellings (www. or without www.) and other sources which are used for promotional activities of the Company and could be identified with it.
Therefore any browsing and/or use of on the website confirms acceptance of these terms and conditions. If these terms and conditions are not accepted, any browsing and/or use of the website must be stopped. The information published on the present website is the property of the Company or obtained from the partners or purchased or used according to other legal ways. Information contains materials to inform the potential customers and clients about the activity of the Company, it's products, possibilities and services. The published information is used only for the promotional and marketing service. Company doesn't carry responsibility about the actuality of the information, reliability, technical compliance etc. which means that the Company provides site content “AS IS” and WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, TO THE FULLEST EXTENT ALLOWABLE BY LAW. The user of the website has the possibility in any time to request by e-mail from Company any comments about the details of the information, published on the present website. The Company makes reasonable efforts to place accurate information on the website. However, the Company assumes no liability for any errors or mistakes in the website content. The Company reserves the right to modify the contents of the website, as well as the present legal notes, at any time and without the prior notice of users.

No public offers

The Company informs to all that there are no public offers published on Company websites which means that we will not provide any prices which should be understood as our responsibility or obligation to sell the products according to the published conditions. The Company doesn't use the way of electronic webshop, e-commerce or other tools to publish the public offers with the possibility to purchase if published. We do not have any obligations of mistakes, incorrect information or misunderstandings with the published texts. Together with the public offers we inform that any published product could be changed, not exist any more, impossible to supply etc. The interested user has the right to contact to our company to request the actual information including the prices.
The same rules are used for the information texts as published, including terms of delivery, shipment conditions, time of manufacture, possibilities of products and other important information which is used as the conditions of the commercial deals.

Languages and translation

To use the website with the local languages the version with most common languages is available. The translation in general made in automatic way with the assistance of service Google Translate and can consist any improper information, meaning, incorrect grammatical order or other mistakes caused by automatic translation. To refer for the right meaning please use the English language. The Company doesn't have the obligations and not responsible for any incorrect information published on local language and misunderstanding from the side of user.

Malware and protections

Company periodically checks the website but can't guarantee the absence of any viruses, malware, spyware and other destructive programs, codes, scripts, digital parts or links which are don't connected to the Company. The user at his risk takes the responsibility of browsing of the present website and availability of protection software during the browsing. The Company is not responsible for any destructive actions connected to the browsing of the website.


Main design, images and scripts of the present website are the subject of copyright. Users are free to use text information from the present website for non-commercial purposes with the use of the correct link connected to the source of used information. All other use of the published information is forbidden and requires the written approval of the Company in advance before the use of the information.
For images - we use our images as well as images from public free and paid image stocks and our partners. Because of this please be aware to use our images even for non-commercial purposes because they could be the subject of copyright by third parties.

Privacy note

The Company declares as the owner of the website and other mirrors, domain names and translated copies according to the description which was provided before, with the identification of the ownership of the Company that any activity of tracing is dedicated only for marketing purposes to verify the intensity of the visiting of website and availability for search results, for example, the number of pages viewed, the number of visits and browsing by visitors on the website with the aim of improving the website's performance.
The Company uses such services as:
list Google Analytics and Google webmaster services
list Services of visitor's counters or hits rankings.
to study information about attendance of the website. Please refer to Cookies policy to read the general note about use of cookies.

Personal data

Please refer to Privacy policy according to Data Protection rules, laws, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) etc. acted in Italian Republic and European Union.

Trademarks, brandnames etc.

The machine models, series and trademarks, manufacturers trademarks, material trademarks, company brandnames and symbols, company or model logos and images are used only for the information and description for users and the property of their respective owners. In case that it is not particularly mentioned PRECITOOLS doesn't have the connection with owners of trademarks, manufacturers or particular brands.