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Tube bending tools design & production

Tube bending tools


The important part that all tube bending tools are special and made exactly for the machine and application of the customer. All manufacturers of tube bending machines have their own standards for tooling positioning and connection, different styles of tube bending tools and requirements for the installation. In this case big part of the order is the engineering job to prepare the drawings for all the tube bending tools to manufacture and to verify all the sizes. The high quality of our tools is equal to original tube bending tooling shipped directly from the machine manufacturer.

Tube bending tools

CAD development

We work with modern CAD development systems and ready to provide together with standard drawings also 3D models for any projected piece of tube bending tools. Under the customer request we can prepare models in any popular formats including models Solidworks, Unigraphics, Inventor, CATIA or others including transfer formats like Collada. 3D model could be also very helpful if CNC Software of your machine can recognize and import tool model to save the time of the internal programmation for tooling library of the machine. Together with model the customer will receive ownership rights as well.

Tube bending tools


Our tube bending tools are made in Italy with the best production conditions and high tolerances. For production we use only high quality materials, professional CNC cutting and grinding machinery, heat treatment according to the requirements. To prevent any mistakes we follow several checks - together with the customer after development of the drawings and during the steps of the production. We provide the tools according to the geometry and material and other conditions which customer needs. Even the complicated jobs to provide the EDM finish or other special surface, special grooves, complicated applications with bend-in-bend could be achieved.

Tube bending machine

Follow the customer

From development to the possibility of installation of tube bending tooling directly at customer site. Moreover based on our experience we can provide recommendations for applications, materials and bending possibilities, explain the tool construction, measure the samples of the customer and on some machinery to make the complete study with virtual simulation of the tube bending. Our task is not to sell the tools but to provide the full support and to develop the relations connected with tube bending technologies. If you are looking for the information how to bend your tube please contact us and we will be glad to assist you completely.

Tube bending tools

Even for big sizes

We can offer tube bending tools even for big sizes applications and big diameters of tube for cold draw bending process. With big sizes any mistake could be critical because of expensive transportation and lot of material. You will get from us the full support, triple control and discussion of every stage of the project, including the possibility to install the prepared tooling directly on your tube bending machine. According to the weight the manufactured tools could be prepared with grooves and hooks for handling inside the workshop.
We are ready additionally study the possibility of interchangeable inserts to reduce the material consumption for the big sizes as well as additional milling of non-critical areas of tooling to reduce the weight.

Delivery of tube bending tools

Shipment and delivery

Effective shipment is one of the main part of the tooling supply. We work with different transport companies and courier services for light goods. Deliveries are performed from factory or temporary stock, we organize shipments around all the Europe and availability to ship worldwide by air or sea shipment. We are not making profits for shipments and offer the complete delivery to the door as part of our service.
If possible by transport services, also fast shipments (24/48 hours) could be performed as well. Some standard, not individual spare parts like mandrel connection links are available in stock and we can ship them immediately. Every shipment could be covered by insurance and has availability of tracking.