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Tube bending tools


If you are looking for tube bending tools manufacturer, you are at the right place! We can project, manufacture and supply pipe and tube bending tools for your CNC tube draw bending machine or mandrel bending machine of the manufacturers like Addison McKee, Akyapak, Alpine, AMOB, Arcor, Bema, BLM Group, Cansa Makina, Chiyoda, CRIPPA, Dengler, Dynobend, Eaton Leonard, Eagle, Ercolina, Herber, HORN (HMT), LANG, Macri, MEWAG, Mobitec, Numalliance, Pedrazzoli, Pulzer, RASI, Rosenberger, Schwarze Robitec, Schwarze-WIRTZ, SILFAX, Soco, Star Technology, StarBend, Tejero, Thoman, TRACTO-TECHNIK, Transfluid (t-Bend), Trumpf, Unicorn, Unison, Veenstra, WAFIOS, Winton etc.
Please note that any request requires the study and possibility to have the connection dimensions.


list point   Standard sets of tube bending tools for delivery within 5-6 weeks
list point   Non original tools - better prices with the same level of quality
list point   Mandrels for any machines including the possibility to order just spare parts
list point   Detailed study of projects and possibility to install of tooling to your machine at the place

Tube bending machine


CNC tube bending machine is the machine which is with the help of the CNC controls and allows the desired tube bending in automatic way with different bends and possibility of tube movement along the length and the rotation. The desired radius of tube bending depends of the radius of the bending die (the main tool). The technology to bend the tube along the bending die is called as "draw bending". Tube bending tools are the important part of the setup and production and extremely important for tight radiuses of the bending where the precision, precise machine setup and the best accuracy play the very big role. Quality of tube bending tools affects the bending itself as well as the quality of surface and tube deformation.

Tube bending tools


We can follow any tube bending applications from simple bends for the furniture, general fabrication, water and oil pipelines, handrails, architecture parts, HVAC, heat exchangers production till the brake lines, exhaust and engine tubing in automotive industry, including thin wall tubes and special materials, thick wall tubes, big diameters etc. Together with the development of necessary set of tube bending tools for your application we are able also to provide the necessary recommendations, sequence of bending, problems and details etc.
All solutions are unique and we are offering the ability to project the tooling based on your necessities and request.

Tube bending


It is possible to get the perfect precision even with hydraulic tube benders but to have problems even with full-electric modern expensive tube bending machine because of tools. There are no general and universal answers and tools - all the machine are completely different and design of tube bending tools is prepared for the special aplication. Moreover the tube bending tools is the production investment for several years and we need to care about the maximum possible quality and design of tools for possibility of rechange of wear parts only.